davidbrucehaiku: teen girl






You are worried now? 

Just wait a very few years

Soon I will grow up


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Free Shoulder

You say a lot in few words. Well done.

Sarah Doughty

“I’ll be there if you need me.
The only problem is that
I’m not the one you need.”

I may not be able to fix anything that’s gone wrong. I may not be the one you want to turn to when you feel like drowning in your item ocean of sadness. But let me tell you something. I’m not like most people. I’ll continue being loyal. I’ll be there if you need me. Because I’ve got a free shoulder. The only problem is that the shoulder you seek belongs to someone else.

© Sarah Doughty

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davidbrucehaiku: Juliet






Her love moves too fast

Can’t wait to have wedding night

Doomed like Phaëton


— 3.2 —

In her bedchamber, Juliet impatiently waited for night to come so that Romeo could come to her.

Juliet said to herself, “Phaëton went to his father, the god Apollo, and asked to be allowed to drive the Sun-chariot across the sky and bring light to the world. But Phaëton, doomed youth, was unable to control the stallions, and they ran wildly away with the Sun-chariot, wreaking havoc and destruction upon Humankind and the world. The king of the gods, Jupiter, saved Humankind and the world by throwing a thunderbolt at Phaëton and killing him. Right now, stallions that pull the Sun-chariot, I want you to race the Sun across the sky to the West and sunset so that Romeo may quickly come to me. Gallop as if Phaëton were once again your charioteer and make it dark night immediately. Close the curtain upon day, so that the stallions may sleep and Romeo may leap into my arms with no one to see him and raise an alarm. Lovers by the light of their own beauty can see enough to have sex in the dark, or, if love be blind, it best agrees with night. Come, night, clothed in black, and teach me to lose my virginity to Romeo, my husband. Night, cover the blood — the blood of a virgin — that rises in my cheeks until I experience sex for the first time and know that sex with a true love is right and proper. Come, night. Come, Romeo. Cum, Romeo, who is day in night. In my vision of you, I see your white body lying upon the black wings of night — you are whiter than new snow on the back of a raven. Night, give me my Romeo, and when he cums and ‘dies’ with delight, take him and cut him out in little stars. If you do that, he will make the face of the nightly Heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish Sun.”

Having expressed her strong desire to lose her virginity quickly to Romeo, her husband, Juliet said, “Romeo and I belong to each other, but neither of us has so far done anything that shows it. It is as if I have bought a mansion but have not moved into it. Romeo has married me, but he has not yet enjoyed me. My waiting now for Romeo to come to me is like an impatient child’s waiting during the eve before some festival at which the child will wear new clothing.”

Juliet saw the Nurse coming to her and said, “My Nurse is bringing me news. Anyone who says ‘Romeo’ speaks with Heavenly eloquence.”

davidbrucehaiku: wonder drug






I thought I’m OK.

I thought wrong. Cup of coffee

Later, I thought right.


Note: My haiku may seem facile, and it would be in cases of severe depression, but this haiku is true for me many mornings.


Note: The first six words are a six-word story by HappymessHappyness.


Also check out her six-word story about coffee:



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