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(CW) All words and unattributed images here are [by Starfish Sutra] and are copywiggled which means if you want to copy something from [his] site you must instead laugh and wiggle around and then decide not to do it, at least not without polite attribution. Thank you. Best wishes always.

“The dunce cap haiku is wise.” — David Bruce

Starfish Sutra

counting syllables
familiar has three or four
here I argue three


the third line departs
from the imagery evoked
but not completely


is there Zen in this
master strikes me with his cane
my scribbles burning


a pointed dunce cap
the fool will wear it in shame
the wise just wear it


the class is dismissed
what all did you learn today
some eraser smears

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awesome sauce

unbolt me

they go together like avocado halves
but not because they’re wrinkled and green
it’s all about the seed and how snugly it fits
what can separate them? not a guillotine!

they go together to make the creamiest dip
naughty guacamole, with sea salt and lime
improper yet tasty in their wonderful mess
they’re willing partners in gastronomic crime

sloppy and slippery and buttery too
they’re low-cholesterol and evergreen-young
complementing one another in velvety sin
they’ll dance fuckenwacken on the tip of your tongue!

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