Single Handed — Little Fears

Single Handed Grey Moon – Wednesday (ep. 34) “Were you close to your mum?” asked Reala. “Oh aye,” replied the penguin. “She brought her up single-handedly,” pointed out another penguin. “Gosh, that must have been hard on you,” said Reala. “Mmhmm,” acknowledged the penguin. “It’s not easy being the daughter of a pirate.” ~~~ Eat…

via Single Handed — Little Fears


cracked shell

                clam dies

cracked chrysalis

                insect flies

cracked skull

                head bleeds

cracked bell


cracked hull

                ship sinks

cracked egg

                sulfur stinks

cracked bat

                fly ball

cracked shale

                earth weeps

cracked earth

                land quakes

cracked book

                ideas make

cracked sac

                baby born

cracked bud

                flowers bloom

cracked window

                enter breeze

cracked wall

                humans freed

cracked smile

                contagious joy


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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