Paint by Number

Poesy plus Polemics

1a7148_69c683c294cb4481ab5a1544def0ccd7~mv2_d_2832_3788_s_4_2 Portrait by Tim Mueller

pale blue lines
outline blotches
the shapes and
the shadows of
life by the numbers
faint color codes
cover the mass
produced canvas
designed to create
one more mass
produced portrait
with pigments that
daub and dress
mutual features
of character
common to crowds
save for moments
infrequently fresh
here and there
now and then
when a self-minded
painter flips over
the art board and
makes of its sheer
daunting blankness
a brave handed
bold colored vision
a one-of-a-kind
most remarkable life

From my book Ephemera

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