“In What Ways are You an Unsung Hero?”

Here are some answers:

1) Lordbobsaget wrote this:

“In elementary school there was this kid who would never have a lunch or money for lunch, and I started splitting my lunches with him, telling him that I wasn’t hungry enough to eat all of it so he didn’t have to feel bad. My dad chaperoned a field trip one time and saw me do it so he told my mom and she started packing an extra lunch for him.

“I didn’t really realize much of what I was doing at the time except for sharing my food, but I feel good knowing that he ended up having a lunch every school day of the year because of my parents and me.” 

2) noicantsee wrote this:

“My grandmother grew up in an awful foster home; she would have to sit on the floor in the kitchen and eat scraps from the ‘normal’ children’s breakfast and often didn’t eat anything before school. Obviously her foster parents didn’t pack her any lunch or give her money, so often she went weeks with only one decent meal a day. 

“Some boy noticed she would always sit alone at lunch and never eat (she wore oversized hand-me-downs, was shy and foreign, and so was naturally rejected by her class). He went home and asked his mom if she could start packing him two sandwiches the next day; after his mom heard the whole story, she obliged even though their family wasn’t well off either. For the next few years the boy and my grandmother ate lunch together every day and to this day are still extremely close friends. Every time she tells that story, she gets very emotional because he started her on the track of removing herself from that awful foster home, practically saving her life. Thank you.”

Source: TheFilipinoFire, “In what ways are you an unsung hero?” Reddit. January 2018





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