What is the Nicest Thing a Stranger has Ever Done for You?

Here are some replies:

1) TheBrowGame wrote, “One time when I was a teenager, I was being stalked by a guy in his 20s and he followed me on the train. He stood very close to me and made me uncomfortable, but he wasn’t touching me. I was young and not outspoken. I didn’t know what to do, and I was too embarrassed to make a scene. I moved to another area and he followed. An older guy in his late 30s or early 40s noticed. He was tall and well built. He was going to say something to the guy, but when he looked at me, it’s almost like he understood I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. So, he shielded me with his body and stood between me and the guy the whole way, looking at that guy like he was going to beat him up. The stalker left after a while. I said thanks to the older guy. He nodded and left, too. He walked to the opposite direction to take the train back to the previous stations. I wondered how many stations he rode along with me and the guy.”

2) DancesWithHookers wrote this:

“Used to work at a grocery store in high school and was skeleton staff for Valentine’s Day evening. Lots of people running in and grabbing things for a homemade dinner and lots of last-minute flowers. Then comes in one gentleman about 10 minutes before close, scrambling to grab things for a last-minute meal. He has me choose a bouquet for his wife. All of the red roses were gone by then, but there were still some yellow roses left so I grabbed those for him. He asked me why I chose the color and I just explained that it seemed happy and beautiful. As I was ringing him up, he grabbed a second bouquet, allowed me to bag it up for him and before he walked out, handed me my own ~$50 bouquet. 

“Here is the girl who had big braces, no-name glasses, never had a boyfriend, finally being given flowers. I cried the whole walk home. 

“No one had ever given me anything like that before, and I am sure that I still have that dried-up bouquet in storage somewhere. That was the single kindest thing someone has ever done for me on a whim.”

3) CarsonH666 wrote, “Slid off the road in the middle of nowhere, closest town probably 15-20 miles away. Nice lady stops, I tell her I’ve called my insurance and a tow truck is on the way (10 feet of snow bullsh*t), and she drives off. Anywho, about half an hour later the lady comes back with a bag full of Taco Bell. Tremendous.”

4) badgurlvenus wrote, “Aww, I had a random lady stop for me, too. She was taking her girls and their friends to the movies in my town. I was in the boonies, tire blew at 70mph, and I went right into a cornfield across the other lane. She stayed with me while my dad came to get me, out in the cold, missed her movie. Not a care in the world besides making sure I was safe and not alone after my first crash. Hugged me multiple times and let me cry on her. Forever thankful for that random lady.”

5) stateofyou wrote, “A homeless dude in New York saw me sitting on a bench in a small park in Manhattan. I had my bags with me, but I looked terrible as I had a missed flight two days before and was only 19 but in that summer heat I was messed up and trying to figure out how to get to JFK. He assumed that I was homeless, too, and said to me, ‘I got a bag of cans, I’ll split the couple of dollars with you and we can both get bread, and if we hurry I know where we can get soup.’ Bless his heart, I had plenty of money, but it was such an act of selflessness. I explained that I was on my way to the airport but just taking a break, I gave him twenty bucks and told him to get a good meal.”

Source: GolfXray89, “What is the Nicest Thing a Stranger has Ever Done for You?” Reddit. 2 February 2018





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