Just forget I was ever here

t r e f o l o g y

I got tired of saying,

“I’ll be right back,” 

each time I excuse myself to use the restaurant bathroom,

so now I just announce to the table 

that I probably won’t be

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A fish on the sand

t r e f o l o g y

Once at the beach

I saw a fish pull itself from the surf onto the sand.

I turned to look, because you don’t see this sort of thing very often.

The fish then carefully balanced itself on it’s tail

& began to hop towards me


As he came closer

the fish grinned & said

“How am I doing?”

Looking good, I replied, & I gave a thumbs up.

The fish looked around, & then confided,

“How crazy is this, boy?”


Before I could reply

the fish suddenly flicked its tail, 

& sent a little bit of sand into my eyes.

It only took me a second to gather myself

but when I looked back up 

the fish was already racing back toward the sea.


It needn’t have bothered, though.

The fish had nothing to fear from me.

I wasn’t going to chase it.


I was just…

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Reality of a Self-Published Author



I sent this email to one of my sisters on TUE/27 February 2018:

My book sales are low, too.

Bookbub has never accepted me, but I am trying again. Earlier today I submitted a book.

Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about making money from book sales.

I have sold ZERO copies of these books:

Ben Jonson’s VOLPONE: A Retelling

Ben Jonson’s BARTHOLOMEW FAIR: A Retelling

John Ford’s ‘TIS PITY SHE’S A WHORE: A Retelling

John Ford’s THE BROKEN HEART: A Retelling


I have sold ONE copy of each of these books:


Ben Jonson’s THE ALCHEMIST: A Retelling

I expect my next few books to sell just as badly.

I’m glad the kids liked the books [I sent them].