“What Did You Think was Normal Around Your Hometown that You Learned was Totally Bizarre or Wrong When You Left?”

1) MotherOfKrakens95 wrote, “In my childhood neighborhood, you could go to one house and get a handful of candy, a different house for a soda, another house for a cookie and yet another for a Popsicle. Most of these people didn’t have their own children, only the cookie house had kids but I think they were Mennonite and homeschooled. These folks just kept goodies around for the neighborhood kids, it didn’t have to be Halloween or Easter, any old Tuesday afternoon was fine with them. Any time I’ve brought it up since, I’ve been told stuff like ‘You’re lucky you didn’t get poisoned or kidnapped,’ but the community I grew up in believed it took a village to raise a child and were just truly being good neighbors.” 

2) saltandsea wrote this:

“Not hometown but one I lived in for a long time. Pop. 1,000ish. I worked at the corner store over night. Every Tuesday night the police officer in town and a group of teenagers would play hide and seek with CB radios. He would come in for coffee all the time and the kids (I say kids, 18, 19, 20) would come in for cigs and snacks. The kids would plan all week for it, he wasn’t ever really busy but liked to keep his weekends open. 

“Their rules were: 1. Had to be a legal driver. 2. Had to stay in the car while hiding. 3.Had to stay on the same channel. 4. Stay off private property (not including the property they lived on). 5. Had to stay with in city limits. 6. If he flashed you with the spotlight you were out (9/10 they met back at the store).

“One night we were talking about it and I told him how fun it sounded. He said it was, it kept them out of trouble, built a good relationship with the youngsters and let him know where all the hiding spots were in town! 

“They (police) also liked to shoot fireworks in the town centre at five o’clock in the morning to keep the birds from hanging out on the power lines and pooping on people going to work. I almost sh[*]t myself the first time they did that.”

3) Hyperdrunk wrote this:

“In my hometown on the last day of school, middle schoolers would walk home rather than ride the buses. We’d walk for literally miles. The high schoolers would drive around and throw water balloons at the middle schoolers. 

“As a middle schooler there was a thrill in trying to make it home without getting hit, but as it was South Carolina in the summer, it was hot enough to where you really didn’t mind getting hit.

“As a high schooler it was fun trying to nail some middle schoolers.

“It wasn’t until I moved away that I realized it was unique to my hometown. It was this fun bonding experience, walking home from school with your friends, dodging or throwing balloons, and it was all in good fun. It was so … innocent. A small town annual tradition.”

Source: SpeedyD30, “What did you think was normal around your hometown that you learned was totally bizarre or wrong when you left?” AskReddit. 5 February 2018




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