Thomas Hardy: In Time of ‘The Breaking of Nations’

Only a man harrowing clods
    In a slow silent walk
With an old horse that stumbles and nods
    Half asleep as they stalk.
Only thin smoke without flame
    From the heaps of couch-grass;
Yet this will go onward the same
    Though Dynasties pass.
Yonder a maid and her wight
    Come whispering by:
War’s annals will cloud into night
    Ere their story die.

A Short Analysis of Thomas Hardy’s ‘In Time of “The Breaking of Nations”’(interestingliterature)

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) wrote ‘In Time of “The Breaking of Nations”’ in 1915 when the First World War was raging, and the poem was published in January 1916 in the Saturday Review. The poem is one of Hardy’s most famous and popular war poems. Here we offer a short summary and analysis of ‘In Time of “The Breaking of Nations”’, focusing on its language and meaning.


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