War of Words

Poesy plus Polemics

untitled-structurae_2015_pablo_saborio_artist “Untitled/Structurae” by Pablo Saborío

stream of consciousness

battles unfold in grammarian wars

pitting syntax and colloquy

czars chuffed and vying for reign

words pour forth in waves

toward the mouths

of great critical guns

cannon fodder they fall


wounded lexicons bleeding

from usage disaffected

emotional concepts that fail

their appeal to assassins who

operate rules of engagement

that favor concealment

cold critics the snipers

correctly political fitted with

tunnel-trained cultural gunsights

to pick off brave soldiers

devoted to oaths

of aggressive linguistics

the audible structures of honesty

take their formations

defending the rule-bending




free verse expression of life

of its living and dying

the bayonet nibs of their rifles

keep coming sworn never

to take up retreat

from bohemian charge

at conventional hearts with

their orthodox staid sensibilities

freedom is all

and it’s worth fighting wars

to the death

for in death it subsumes and

outlasts all…

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