Commuter grind

The Cheesesellers Wife

Does anyone write of the commuter grind?

Of the early risings and the dark returns
The unseen children and missed bedtimes
The chances taken on rain slick roads
The risk of dreadful  collision
As bleary eyed drivers zoom and hurry
The agonies of  thousands crammed into tubes and trains

Does anyone sing of the commuter’s plight?

Commuter belts were planned around cities
To give encircling green spaces
A commuter belt encircles my life
Tying me in
Constraining, tightening, giving no relief

Does anyone tell  of the commuter as hero?
The journeys survived, the meetings won?

I am  the voice of the lone commuter
You talk of food miles, of recycling
Of saving the planet
I counted my work miles
Those I have journeyed to earn my crust
They take me to the Moon and back
Oh to be free of these surly bonds

Recycle my life, give it to me…

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