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davidbrucehaiku: EYES (After Kosugi Isshō)

https://pixabay.com/en/plant-dahlia-chrysanthemum-flower-2625370/ *** EYES (After Kosugi Isshō) *** Have seen everything What do I choose to look at? White chrysanthemums *** Free davidbrucehaiku eBooks (pdfs) https://davidbruceblog.wordpress.com/patreon/ Free eBooks by David Bruce (pdfs) https://davidbruceblog.wordpress.com/about-the-blogger/

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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s HAMLET: A Retelling — Act 2, Scene 1

— 2.1 — In a room of his house, old Polonius was talking to Reynaldo, who was one of his servants. Laertes was now living in Paris, and Polonius was sending Reynaldo to him. “Give him this money and these … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Education Anecdotes

Tilly Smith, a 10-year-old English schoolgirl, saved approximately 100 people at a resort on the Thai island of Phuket from a tsunami on 26 December 2004. The tsunami killed at least 178,000 people. Fortunately for the people at the resort, … Continue reading

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Edgar Lee Masters: Cooney Potter and Fiddler Jones (Spoon River Anthology)

Cooney Potter I INHERITED forty acres from my Father And, by working my wife, my two sons and two daughters From dawn to dusk, I acquired A thousand acres. But not content, Wishing to own two thousand acres, I bustled … Continue reading

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Lao-Tzu #61: Large countries should desire to protect and help the people, and small countries should desire to serve others.

61   A large country should take the low place like a great watershed, which from its low position assumes the female role. The female overcomes the male by the power of her position. Her tranquility gives rise to her … Continue reading

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Aesop: The Miser and His Gold

Once upon a time there was a Miser who used to hide his gold at the foot of a tree in his garden; but every week he used to go and dig it up and gloat over his gains. A … Continue reading

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