David Bruce: Husbands and Wives Anecdotes

On 29 September 2003, in Trinidad, Dale Ramnanan and his girlfriend, Lystra Ramkissoon, were accosted by bandits who tried to kidnap Lystra. Dale battled the bandits and rescued her. Two years later, they married. Dale said, “Our love grew. We became more attached. How could I marry someone else after that?” Lystra said, “I married my hero.” Dale works as a chef at Imperial Garden Restaurant at Grand Bazaar, Trinidad, in the Caribbean, and at the time of the attack Lystra was a cashier there. Dale said, “We had just finished work around 10 p.m. and [were] waiting for transportation on the highway. It was hard getting a taxi. I wanted to drop Lystra home. A car pulled up. I sensed something was wrong even then, even as I was getting into the car. We sat in the back seat, I in the middle, a man on one side. We were driving along the highway and I watching these three guys, saying something wrong here. Suddenly, the guy in the front seat nod his head to the man in the back and push back his seat, pinning Lystra, and put a knife by her throat. The man next to me put a knife to my head and push my head between my legs.” The car stopped at Carlsen Field, a farming community. Dale said, “The man next to me come out the car and drag me out. He say, ‘Run, boy, or I will kill you.’ But I was just coming at him. His knife was long, and he was running into me and I was stepping back. I didn’t want them to go with Lystra.” The car started driving off, and the bandit jumped in the car. Dale said, “I tell myself I not giving her up. I ran to Lystra’s side of the car. The [window] glass was halfway down. The car was speeding. I hold on to the door post and lock myself to the car. I was bumping off the road, so I climb a little higher, and put my hand in trying to open the lock, and the men only stabbing me on my arm to let go.” Lystra said, “I was just whispering my prayers for the entire thing. When they stop the car and take out Dale, I see him coming back for me and dive on the car. I could see him trying to get the lock open. I heard this voice saying, ‘Lystra, open the door and jump.’” She did exactly that. After Lystra jumped out of the car, Dale also let go of the car door. Dale said, “As I hit the road, I got up. My little finger mash up but I ran to her. We started running, then she tell me her foot break, so we dive in the bush. The car stop and then the men ride out.” Lystra’s foot was badly broken—bone protruded from her flesh. Dale said, “I couldn’t believe she run. She was bawling in pain, and I was trying to push the bone back in. When the car gone, I put her on my back and continued the journey.” They came to a house, and the residents allowed them to call for help. Dale and Lystra invited them to their wedding. Lystra has a permanent limp, and Dale has knife scars on his arms, but he said, “I would do it all over again if I had to.” One person, other than Lystra, who is proud of Dale is his father, Narais Ramnanan, who said, “What my boy did was very brave to stand up to them and defend his girlfriend. It was love in his heart. They [the criminals] pushed him out of the car, but he did not run. Love brought him back to rescue her.”

Sylvester Stallone and his pregnant wife were living in a $100-a-month apartment in Hollywood. He had written the screenplay for Rocky and wanted to star in the movie, but movie studios wanted someone else to star in it. Mr. Stallone was tempted to sell the movie script when he was offered $350,000 for it, although selling it meant that he would not star in the movie. He asked his wife what he should do. She asked him, “Have you ever seen $350,000?” He replied, “No, never.” She then said to him, “Well, you won’t miss it then.” Mr. Stallone turned down the offer, and he received a much bigger financial offer and the opportunity to star in the film, which won a 1976 Best Picture Oscar.

After Chuck Norris got married, he appeared on the Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford TV show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, and with Regis’ permission, he played a practical joke on Kathie Lee. Chuck told his hosts that he had played action heroes his entire career and that he wanted to be more romantic. He then asked if it would be OK for him to practice with someone from the audience. It was OK, and he chose a beautiful woman from the audience and kissed her passionately for a long time, shocking Kathie Lee. After the kiss, Chuck turned to Kathie Lee and said, “I’d like you to meet my wife, Gena.”

Danny Thomas was Lebanese, and when he wanted to get married to a woman named Rosie, he had not quite won over her father. In fact, Rosie’s father told her, “If you marry that Turk, you’re gonna end up in a tent.” For his 25thwedding anniversary, Danny rented a huge tent and held a huge party at his house in Beverly Hills. Many people, including celebrities, were there, and Jack Haley was the master of ceremonies. When Jack called on Danny to make a toast, Danny turned to his father-in-law and said, “Pa, do you remember when you said to Rosie twenty-five years ago, ‘If you marry that Turk, you’ll end up in a tent?’ Well, here we are.”

Most artists paint professional models, but Claude Monet used his wife, daughters, and friends as models. Why? His second wife, Alice, was jealous. When he announced that he wanted to paint a model, she told him, “The moment a model sets foot in this house, I leave.”


Copyright by Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved



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