Edgar Lee Masters: Rev. Abner Peet (Spoon River Anthology)

I HAD no objection at all
To selling my household effects at auction
On the village square.
It gave my beloved flock the chance
To get something which had belonged to me
For a memorial.
But that trunk which was struck off
To Burchard, the grog-keeper!
Did you know it contained the manuscripts
Of a lifetime of sermons?
And he burned them as waste paper.


GUEST POST // Brokenness by Madhuri Katti

unbolt me


Sometimes I wonder,
Is it the brokenness
which holds the world together?
a crack that still holds parts?

Is it the brokenness that
unveils the Whole?
The imagined whole –
That never will be or
Maybe never was…

Even if the cracks give away –
Can broken pieces be
whole parts in themselves?
Or maybe broken parts
Will create a kaleidoscope

Sometimes I wonder
Is it the brokenness
that holds the world together?

What purpose does the Whole serve?
The Whole which excludes,
smugly nestled in itself
Till a crack breaks the egoistic shell
The Whole will never be a whole

Sometimes I wonder,
Is it the brokenness that
holds the world together?

Borders divide land and humans
But yet, when challenged
The humanity that rises,
Is often more than the sum
Of the broken souls

Sometimes I wonder,
Is it the brokenness that
that holds the world together?

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And a Happy Canada Day to you from a USAmerican.


Honey, suckle:
perch on this stool
gin and juice and
boys will come buzzing
you’ll see, bumblebee.

Hi, biscus:
across the bar
highballs lined up like
obstacle course
take the baton
and carry us home.

making this a game
just makes it more fun.
Like pulling weeds from the garden,
tell me where
to put my hands

some power you have
over us all
kiss me at my apartment landing,
even the grass dances.

I wake up and you’ve made tea
you’re still here
in my greenhouse
and we’re blooming

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian readers. May our country continue to be the True North, strong, and free.



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