Once Homeless Friends on Reddit: What is the Most Helpful (and Reasonable) Thing a Kind Stranger Could Do for You that Would Help You Out?

Irredditvantwrote this:

“I ended up homeless in Reno the summer I turned 18 after partying and being a dumbass for several months. Eventually my father bought me a Greyhound ticket to go to his house in Klamath Falls, but I had a couple days to kill before the bus. I mostly just hung around the bus station downtown in the meantime. At one point I was waiting in the bus station, and I asked this woman with a small daughter if I could have a dollar to get a snack out of the vending machine. She gave me a dollar and then disappeared. I said, ‘Thank you,’ and just hung out in the lobby some more, getting drinks out of the water fountain and biding my time.

“A little while later this woman showed back up with a bag of groceries and hands it to me. It had chips, jerky, Pringles, sandwiches, water bottles, and other snacks plus twenty dollars cash all in a plastic grocery bag. She told me, ‘Please don’t spend it on alcohol,’ and I told her I wouldn’t and said, ‘Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.’ She got on the bus with her daughter, and I never saw her again.

“To this day that remains one of the coolest things another human being has ever done for me. I wish I had some way of letting that woman know what an impression she made on me and that I was able to work my way out of that rut and am happy and successful now nearly fifteen years down the line. She inspires me to be more charitable and less cynical. She made a difference in a burnt-out loser’s life, and I hope she and her daughter are happy and well.”


Source: ThatDJgirl,“Once homeless friends on Reddit: What is the most helpful (and reasonable) thing a kind stranger could do for you that would help you out?” AskReddit. 2 April 2018




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