Reddit, What’s the Most “Chaotic Good” Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

1) BoredsohereIam wrote this:

“We have a few (technically illegal) graffiti artists around town, who all have different tags. They also seem to have different territories, as you see only one tag in any specific area. A lot of us love their work, and they all keep it ‘G-rated’ so the city/property owners never minded. 

“Then, overnight, an extremely racist drawing appeared on a black business owner’s front windows … along with a tag from a guy we’ll call J. It was quickly removed, but understandably many people became worried about the graffiti artists in general. 

“Over the next few days, J’s entire territory was plastered with drawings from different tags. They covered every bit of his work with puppies, rainbows, cupcakes, anything considered cute. Each time he did a new one, it was covered up the next night. 

“Eventually he stopped trying, and his territory remains a sort of neutral zone.”

2) rkskr wrote, “I remember in middle school there was a lunch lady who would ever so slightly overcook cookies or pizza or fries from the snack line so that she could say that they were not suitable to sell and then she would give them to the kids who were getting the sh[*]tty meal because they had no money in their lunch accounts.”

3) Din0chickenugget wrote this:

“I didn’t see it personally, but I heard the story from this guy’s roommate, who did get to witness it. 

“It’s freshman year of college. Two of my neighbors, Colin and George, are rushing the same frat. My roommate had a thing for George, so she invited him and his roommates over for breakfast one morning. 

“We ask about what they’re up to, make small talk, all that jazz. Turns out George was just banned from the frat for doing drugs. What did he do, you may ask? He doesn’t remember. But according to Colin, they were at a party and George saw someone slip something into a girl’s drink. Rather than take a logical approach (tell her not to drink it, take it from her and pour it out, so on and so forth), George ripped it from her hand and chugged it himself.”

4) TheEmeraldArcher455 wrote this:

“When I was like 11, I was at the beach with family. I found this stuff called fart spray (exactly what it sounds like) and really wanted it, but my dad said no. My aunt decided it’d be funny to buy it for me and torture her brother, so she bought it in secret.

“We met my dad and some other family to all ride this shuttle further down the boardwalk, I couldn’t hold my excitement and blabbed immediately about my new [possession]. My dad took it from me and ‘scolded’ my aunt, and I sat down defeated. 

“A few minutes later, this drunk lady and her friends get on the bus, clearly out doing a night of bar hopping. The one lady is being really loud and cussing a lot, my dad asked her to tone it down and was berated with profanities. He sat quietly through it, then as the lady went to get off the bus I see him hit her with a squirt from the fart spray.”

5) morganharris37 wrote this:

“My grandfather when he was in about his 30s was out of country for some reason I can’t remember. The day before his flight back, he got very sick. He could hardly get on the plane, but he was ready to get home. He was on the plane and noticed that no one had bought the seat next to him. He asked the flight attendant if he could use it to lie down and hopefully sleep off his illness, and she allowed him to. 

“Well, a bit after the flight started, this very large man went on a very public rant about how his seat was too small. The flight attendant kindly informed the man that in the future he should buy two seats. Well, the man wouldn’t have this so he points to my sick grandfather and shouts that he shouldn’t get two seats as he needed only one, and that he should get my grandfather’s two seats and take his one. The flight attendant told the man that they would not be switching. The man only threw a bigger fit. 

“After a while of this man acting like a very, very large baby, my grandfather willingly gave up his seats to the man to end his whining. So they switched. After a while my grandfather noticed that the man was reading this very large book. Eventually the large man fell asleep. In front of the entire plane, my grandfather stood up, walked over to the sleeping man, tore out the last five pages of his book, and went and sat back down. No one said a word about it.”

6) Tee_shirtNkitty_cats wrote this:

“Some homeowners were sick of people illegally dumping trash on a corner of their street and graffiting the area, too. So as a kinda joke, they put up a Buddha in that corner in an effort to stop people from trashing the area & kinda [let] hippy positive vibes ‘cure’ the area of the negativity (or whatever).

“Turned out the Vietnamese community appreciated the gesture so much they cleaned up the area & started making offerings & pilgrimages to the ‘illegally dumped’ statue.”


Source: Garconiere, “Reddit, what’s the most ‘Chaotic Good’ thing you’ve ever seen?” AskReddit. 1 August 2018



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