“What is the Creepiest Thing that has Ever Happened to You?”

1) SpeeOutlaw wrote this:

“I was about 10 or 11 and walking home from a friend’s house. It wasn’t a long walk, maybe 10-15 minutes, but shortly after starting my journey, I noticed a man behind me. I’m not sure what it was, but something in my mind told me this guy was dangerous. 

“I wanted to play it off so I kept walking as normal, but decided to cross the street to see if he would follow me and he did. As he kept getting closer, I picked up my pace. I went past my normal way home and decided to make a few turns that would not make sense if you were going somewhere, essentially going in a circle. The man was still behind me and getting closer.

“The man was now about 20 feet behind me. As I continued to walk down the sidewalk, I saw a garage door that was open. I decided my best choice was to pretend this was my home and walk into the garage. I walked into the garage and to the door leading into the house. The man who was following me turned and started walking down the driveway. 

“I was terrified and turned the doorknob, hoping it was open, and thankfully it was. When I opened the door, another man I hadn’t noticed popped out from under the car that was in the garage and looked at me and asked, ‘What are you doing?’ My whole body was trembling, and I let out, ‘Please help me. This guy is following me.’ The man quickly sprang to his feet with a wrench in his hand and saw the other man walking down his driveway. He started shouting at the other man to get back, and the man who was following me quickly ran away. 

“The man who saved me quickly brought me inside where I met his toddler and bewildered wife. After he explained everything to his wife, they gave me some water and began trying to calm me down. I stayed at their home for a short time, and the couple ended up giving me a ride home. 

“I walked into the right garage that day, and I’m thankful they were there to help me.” 

2) Nijelong wrote this:

“I was working at a manufacturing company that was sold. The new owners came in and laid off about 30% of the workers. I was not let go, but a guy in my department (we will call him Dave) was. Dave was shocked to be fired because he was certain he was too valuable for them to lose. He was very angry when they let him go. About a week later, he calls me while at work to thank me. (This is pre-cellphone so he called me on the company line at the extension for my department.) I had recently taught him how to run a new machine and him knowing that was helping him get some decent job prospects. He said he wanted to take me out to lunch as a way of saying thanks.

“A few days later, we went. He picked me up at work during my lunch break, and we drove down the street to this deli. For the first half of the lunch, he was pissed off and venting about being fired. I understood his anger and just let him vent. I tried to say the right things and encourage him by telling him he would likely end up with a better job soon.

“As lunch wore on, things took a dark turn. He started talking about how he could do some real damage in the plant if he wanted to because he could sneak in the side door where nobody would see him and cause havoc before they even knew he was there. He told me how he could slide boards into the handrails of the doors and lock everyone inside if he wanted. He went on to list people he didn’t like whom he blamed for his being fired.

“As lunch came to an end, I was still trying to stay positive, but I was getting worried that Dave was going to do something rash. As we drove back, he told me not to worry. He said he liked and respected me so he would never do anything to me, but some people might need to pay. We get back, I wish him good luck, and I suggest he try to relax a little and maybe spend a few days just unwinding and enjoying the time off. He says goodbye, and I head inside.

“My department had a window that looked out into the parking lot. I could see where he was parked from that window. He didn’t leave after I went inside. He sat in the car with an anguished look on his face. I started getting worried, so I told my boss what was up and that I thought we needed to call 911. He did. The police showed up, and at first Dave wouldn’t get out of the car.

“Finally they talked him out of the car and got him handcuffed, and then they searched the car. In the trunk of his car were several short boards, two rifles, a pistol, and a machete. I was freaking out for two reasons. First, the idea of what he was planning, and second, because I was certain he would blame me for his getting caught. He asked to speak to me before they took him away so I went outside, assuming if he was going to threaten me it was best if he did it in front of the police. He asked if I called 911. I told him it was me who said to call 911, so yes, I was responsible for the police being there.

“He then looked me in the eye and said, ‘Thanks. You might have saved me.’ I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

“TL;DR — co-worker gets fired, takes me to lunch as a thank you, threatens to attack the place and has a trunk full of weapons.”


Source: roomk33, “What is the Creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?” AskReddit. 1 April 2018




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