What is the Nicest Illegal Thing Someone has Done for You?

1) viktor72 wrote, “I’m not sure if it’s illegal, but when I lived in Belgium my income was about 5000€ short of what I needed to sponsor my husband for a family visa. My father wrote me up a contract that said I was doing web work for him (lies) which covered the missing income. I never actually got the money. I just needed [the contract] to submit for the visa application.”

2) Aedrian87 wrote this:

“I have hyperhidrosis, which means I can be swimming in sweat no matter the weather, to the point where drops of sweat dripping from my armpits is a normal occurrence. I had hit a rough patch and was a sneeze away from being homeless.

“I use a special deodorant that helps a lot with the problem, but its cost is a little prohibitive.

“My sister and her husband took me in while I got back on my feet, and since I already had a job they knew it was temporary. (I had already signed the contract, but it didn’t start until about one month later.) My sister’s husband noticed my problem, took me aside and asked me about it, then told me not to worry about it. (I was showering a couple of times a day so I wouldn’t have to use deodorant, to try and save some.)

“He went to the local supermarket and got me like seven of them. They (my sister and her husband) were quite broke, too, so I freaked out about the money; they needed food, too. He just smiled and said, ‘Five-finger discount, don’t worry about it.’ That guy is awesome.”

3) fiveminutedoctor wrote this:

“My girlfriend and I decided to go to this nice restaurant for a date and then go see this film my brother was debuting that I wrote music for. The restaurant took FOREVER to get us our food, and by the time they did we just asked for them to bring us boxes because we were running super late thanks to them. I just spent like $50 on food and was so p[*]ssed I’d have to eat it as sh[*]tty leftovers. We got to my car and I was complaining to my girlfriend that I was so hungry and now we had no way to eat it and all that and she pulls out a fork. She stole a fork from the restaurant so I could eat my food in the car. 

“We’re both super-moral people and always talk about going back to the restaurant and leaving the fork we took on the table when we leave. So that way it was just borrowing it for a few years.”

4) WeirdWolfGuy wrote, “Youth Resource Officer … misplaced a report on me after I got into a fist fight with my bully and managed to break the kid’s thumb. He confided that he knew exactly where the report was, but he was just as sick of the bully as I was.”

5) ladyughsalot wrote this:

“I was making a Frozencake for my niece and needed an Elsa topper. They had the perfect size, but it came with this entire set I didn’t want or need. It sucked; the Elsa was so perfect for the cake. I approached the most jaded-looking teen employee ever and asked if there was any way she knew of an Elsa the same size but not part of the set. She stared at me, mouth agape, and simply broke off the Elsa part I needed, and handed that to me. A bit flustered I thanked her and asked how I should ask checkout to price it. She sullenly was like, ‘Uh, I wouldn’t. You got a pocket?’ 

“And that’s how a teenager got me to commit petty theft, but I like to think we did it together. Cake looked great.”

6) karlaofglacia wrote, “It wasn’t illegal but was super against the rules. I have problems with my feet and in high school I couldn’t run a 10-minute mile. It was pass/fail, and it was a stupid amount of our grade. We had our partner count laps for us, and my partner lied and said I had hit my final lap right before the 10-minute mark, when I was actually one lap short.” 

7) JoesJourney wrote, “A friend of mine stole a flamingo out of a stranger’s yard simply because I said I wanted one! Best gift I’ve ever received! I bought a new one and replaced it btw [by the way].”


Source:caprianna,“What is the nicest illegal thing someone has done for you?” AskReddit. 30 June 2018




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