“What’s a Story You’ve Been Waiting to Tell but No One Ever Asks It on r/askreddit?”

1) NnortheExperience wrote this:

“I lifeguard at my university recreation center. We have a patron who at some point in his life had a stroke and can barely talk except for a few words. He can’t even say his name, which is Bill btw [by the way]. He likes to sit in our hot tub for hours on end because it helps relax his body, and he really enjoys watching people swim, play water basketball, or water volleyball. A few weeks ago a student who just finished his workout was sitting in the hot tub across from him, and was attempting to stretch a very specific part of his arm. Well, Bill realized what the kid was trying to stretch and managed to show him a better way to do it. The kid realizes pretty quickly that Bill has speech issues and asks if he can write. They ask us for some paper and a pen, which I give them and Bill starts writing out some things like his name, what he did, and all this other stuff. Turns out Bill was a damn good skier in his days and learned a lot of stretches from doing it so much. 

“Anyways, the kid did so damn well talking to him, being patient, doing everything he could to understand him. And tell ya f[**]king what, my goddamn heart was melting because I’ve seen this guy in our hot tub almost every day for the past year and a half, and in that time, not one person had talked to him until that day. Bill’s smile was contagious; his joy of talking to someone would’ve melted anyone’s heart. That kid was a wholesome guy, very kind and compassionate, and witnessing such a wonderful act of kindness restored some of my faith in Humanity. 

“To the guy who talked to Bill at our school hot tub: You are a good person. I appreciate what you did for that man. Keep being awesome.”

2) Brummiediv wrote, “I was at a festival and saw a guy hula hooping. An hour later still hooping. And still an hour later. I went over to him and grabbed the hoop — he was off his bonce on LSD and couldn’t stop. He was exhausted. So I stopped a man hula hooping himself to death.”

3) rhyminsimon613 wrote this:

“A few years ago my boyfriend and I were handing out candy on Halloween night. We were running low so my boyfriend left to go buy more. A few minutes after he left the house he called me and told me that a little kid with the BEST train costume ever would be coming to the door soon, but that he’s Oliver and not Thomas the Tank Engine. The kid had been crying to his dad that everyone thought he was Thomas the tank Engine. 

“A few minutes later, the kid shows up in the COOLEST train costume ever. The costume is made out of cardboard, and it’s literally the whole train with the kid in the middle. It even had an area in the chimney/spout that opened and you put the candy in.

“I opened the door and I’m all like ‘OMG! OLIVER THE TANK ENGINE! I LOVE OLIVER! HE’S MY FAVOURITE!’ and the kid just loooost it. So did his dad. The kid was so freaking happy that I knew he was Oliver and not Thomas. His dad was filming everything and looked sooo happy/shocked that I knew [his son] was Oliver. As they were walking away, I kept hearing the kid say to his dad, ‘She knew I was Oliver! She knew I was Oliver!’ 

“I f[**]king closed the door and cried. It was so precious.” 

4) yolo_swaggins_69 wrote this:

“I went to Comic Con (or Wizard World? I can’t remember) a few years ago for my birthday. My grandmother was a big fan of the show Spartacusat the time, and her favorite actor, Manu Bennett, was going to be at the convention. Since she’s wheelchair-bound & has health problems, she couldn’t go herself. I offered to get his autograph for her.

“So I’m at the convention and I find his booth. First of all — he is SMOKING HOT. I could see why my grandmother liked him. Anyway, I wait in line for a few minutes since he’s taking the time to engage in conversation with a fan. He seems really friendly.

“It’s my turn, and I grab a glossy, shirtless photo of him. I explain that I’m getting this for my grandmother and that she was disappointed that she couldn’t come because of her health problems.

“Well. He asked if I had her number in my cell phone, and I obviously said yes. He asked if he could give her a call!

“So of course I dial the phone, praying like hell for my grandmother to pick up. She did, thankfully, and I said, ‘Hey, I’m at the convention and there’s someone who wants to talk to you.’

“Well, Manu Bennett chatted with my grandmother on the phone for a few minutes, and thanked her for being a fan and that he was sorry he couldn’t meet her in person. 

“I legit almost cried and thanked him profusely; I knew how excited my grandmother would be. He tried to refuse the $40 for the autographed photo, saying that he didn’t need it. I slipped him an extra $20. (I would have given him more if I had more cash on me at the time.)

“When I got home, my mom pulled me aside and gave me a hug. My grandmother was dealing with a lot of health issues at the time, and she said that the phone call made her the happiest that she’d been in weeks. I actually cried then.

“My grandmother still talks about that day. It was seriously the best birthday present I could have gotten. Manu Bennett, if you somehow ever read this, thank you!!!! You’re the sweetest celebrity I’ve ever met!”


Source: Peter_of_RS, “What’s a story you’ve been waiting to tell but no one ever asks it on r/askreddit?” AskReddit. 19 March 2018




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