“Lawyers […], What’s the Most Morally Reprehensible Case You Represented and Won?” (AskReddit)

Flying turkeycouchie wrote this:

“None of my cases are morally reprehensible. I believe that all my clients are legally innocent until proven guilty, and I represent each to the best of my ability. Even in cases where the client has confessed. 

“The reason I do this is to hold the prosecutors, police, and judges accountable. If the system can convict without evidence or violate the rights of a guilty person, it isn’t much of a stretch for them to convict or violate the rights of an innocent person. Thus, if the prosecutor doesn’t have enough evidence to secure a conviction, I will fight hard to get the case reduced or dismissed. If the police illegally searched or coerced a confession, I will work to get evidence dismissed. If they did everything right, I will fight hard for an appropriate and fair sentence.

“If it makes you feel better, remember that I’m not just doing this to protect the rights of rapists and murderers; by protecting their rights, I am protecting yours as well.”

Source: Aramisua, “[SERIOUS] Lawyers of this Internet space, what’s the most morally reprehensible case you represented and won?” AskReddit. 1 September 2018 <https://tinyurl.com/ybc9luny>.

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