davidbrucehaiku: who wears the shoes?






Who wears the shoes now?

Who makes the most cash per hour?

You do! Wear these shoes!


NOTE: Coffeeandcolor told a story about her and her husband’s shoes in answer to an AskReddit question about poverty. Her husband was laid off for a month, and since she needed shoes and had big feet, she wore his shoes. When her husband got his job back, they arranged their schedules so they didn’t overlap so they could take turns wearing the shoes to work. One day their schedules overlapped, and her husband’s $9 per hour was more than her $8.50 per hour, so Coffeeandcolor told her manager that she had to leave early so she could give her husband the shoes. The next day her supervisor and the owner bought her and her husband each a pair of shoes and a bunch of groceries. The shoes are wore out now, but Coffeeandcolor “braided the laces into a keychain to remind myself how blessed we are.”


“What are Some Subtle Signs of Poverty?”

Coffeeandcolor wrote, “My husband was working at a restaurant in 2015 and they were so slow they shut down for the month. He was getting unemployment, but it wasn’t much. I was working my [*]ss off trying to cover his half of the bills and wore my shoes down to nothing. I have Peggy Hill [a character in the animated series King of the Hill] feet, so I just started wearing his shoes. Once his restaurant opened, we arranged our schedules so we worked opposite but a couple weeks in, they overlapped and his $9 [per hour] was more important than my $8.50 so I told my supervisor I had to leave early to give him the shoes. She nodded and let me go. The next day as I was leaving she called me into the office, and I thought I was going to get reamed for leaving early yesterday, but she had told the owner about it and they pitched in together to buy each of us a new pair of shoes. The owner then told me to get in her car and took me grocery shopping. She made sure we got name-brand food for the kids and ‘luxury’ items like pizza. I’ve worn out those shoes and eaten all the food, but I braided the laces into a keychain to remind myself how blessed we are.”

Kighla wrote, “One of my coworkers at the school I teach at bought a homeless child (a student) a pair of new shoes. I have never seen a child so excited by anything before.”

NOTE: You can find this story in this book:



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