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t r e f o l o g y

Woke up

Folgers in my cup

How did it get there?


This man alone knows the answer.

This man alone actively probed the questions of existence & put his discoveries into easily digestible slices of considerable frolic.

This man alone has taped a path to the full known-ledge of All-ness

Will you join him?

Or will you fail him

& thus

Fail Life!

page 2

A Message from Our Foundre

“I speak of the origins of trefology. But first let me tell you a story. My mother, God rest ye merry gentlemen, suffered a shoulder injury at a political rally for Pat Paulsen. The balloons were dropped too early, you see, and she was right in the balloons deadly path. Thousands upon thousands of red balloons fell. It took the janitorial staff nearly three hours to recover her keys.

To our shame our beloved mother, once so joyfully irresolute, now found…

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