No Excuses: 20 Black Male Soul Singers to Stream Besides R. Kelly


Back then, it was fun.

Today, I am ashamed to remember R. Kelly headlined the very first stadium-arena megaconcert I attended in my life. In the mid-1990s, one of my best friends drove a few of us from our small Illinois town up to Chicago for the performance everyone back home was so excited we were going to. We kids navigated through the unfamiliar traffic and parking gridlocks, our first experiences with the big city events we would come to know well in adulthood. We figured out the maze of ticket booths, concession stands and twenty thousand seats- all in total contrast to our reality of our hometown’s welcoming little cultural center. We found out it was prudent to ration liquids in these situations, as the concert started late and so I was gone peeing (ironically) the moment R. Kelly finally stepped onstage, the audience applause nearly rattling the toilet…

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