Those You Left Behind

Charmed Chaos

I’m going now, so I bid you good-bye if you like,
you can read about my demise in the Sunday paper
A tragic dramatic ending to my sordid life I leave no note but know
I go so not to cause more strife to those who love the me
They believe me to be.

You left me I suppose so I could be forever free,
at least ‘free’ from the physical you but not the fractured memories
of your melodic voice and blue eyes or the way you smiled at me

And so you left this world clothed in a suit of self hate,
when you went knocking, begging at the hallowed gates
I bet they made you wait before they turned you away
so in hell’s limbo you wander far from the daunting fray
of our shattered souls that fight to live every single day

Did you think..of those…

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