Happy New Y’ar!

t r e f o l o g y

I suppose I have always been lucky …

My family & friends say I that mis-remember a lot

of my past. And maybe that’s true — for some things.

But there are also places & people that I will never forget.

Like growing up in a ginger-bread house,

or the Man with No Bones.

And, one thing in particular, my moms peculiar way

of setting the dinner table.


For as long as I can remember, my mother always set

the table with two sets of identical salt & pepper shakers.

Seems trivial, I know.

But we were only a family of four.

And it made little difference if only two or three of us

were eating that night. My mother would still place, on

the table, two sets of identical

salt & pepper shakers.


I recall one day having to stay home from school

due to…

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