From My Window

Excellent concluding lines.

Charmed Chaos

In the room where I write each day, I watch the world go by
through this plate glass window, I’ve seen some magnificent sights

A Cooper’s hawk comes visiting hunting easy prey,
for the feeders are always laden with a smorgasbord everyday

I hear the muffled chatter of the chartreuse and peach lovebirds
as they scramble for a place among the rest of the bird herd

Ruby throated hummingbirds flit from feeder to limb to sky,
their iridescent feathers shimmering as they soar high

The mourning doves are fat and plump, the pigeons are obese
they scramble over the ground snatching up fallen seed

Woodpeckers come pecking at the tree finding bugs to eat,
and plunging their beaks in the suet, a welcome winter treat

Goldfinches cling to the thistle sock swinging in the breeze,
filling their tiny bellies with the Nyjer seed

From time to time, a ground dove…

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