In Praise of Lizards

Charmed Chaos

In My Garden- Mesa, AZ

Watering my bountiful garden in early dawn
cooling breeze in pink rose, a glorious morn
showering splashy flower beds with love
watching ornate tree lizards chase bugs
darting from a dark hiding place
scurrying away from wet sprays.

I am always astounded and amazed
how the graceful lizards race
on the concrete sand garden wall
defying gravity, so small
yet courageous and audacious.

Cocking their head from side to side
peering at me with intelligent eyes
I watch in delight as they devour breakfast
an electric-blue moth snatched from the air
a brown-black beetle running for its life
as they swallow them down with nary a care.

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads- Wordy Thursday with wild Woman: Celebrating the Ordinary

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