Steeped unconsciousness

I’m guessing THE LION KING was an exercise video.

t r e f o l o g y



one should not feel compelled to climb a mountain

simply because ‘It is there‘.

We ask, What if mountains are not there?


this would not be the first illusion

that got me winded.

Maybe these so-called ‘mountains’

are really just phantasms created

by our unconsciousness,

that climbers sometimes fall off of.


In my family we have a story,

how, after my birth,

my father climbed Raymond Mountain.

And upon reaching the top

lifted my newly born self

high into the sky, and said, “One!”

Then he lowered me back down,

but then quickly lifted me back up again.

Said my father, “Two!”


And you can read all about it in my auto-biographical book, “One hundred baby lifts a day to better health”

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