The Inevitability of Death

Charmed Chaos


I’ve been thinking of death a lot, and I am amazed by its inevitability, frightened, as we all are, of the totally unknown, and yet feel a long sleep is somehow earned by those of us who live on the edge.- Jackson Pollock

I’ve been thinking of death a lot and I am amazed by its inevitability.

There are those who try to run from death, but in the end, there is no escape.

There is no sanctuary from death; no respite, no silk cocoon you can wrap yourself in to avoid it.

Death is life and life is death and therein lies the metamorphoses

for both change and death are unavoidable.

Should one fear death if it is inevitable, or push the fear of dying aside?

And in thinking of death, do we speed up our soul’s path to death?

Or does thinking of death make us more…

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