Music Recommendation: “Punk Rock Club, R.I.P.” by the Unlovables


Music: “Punk Rock Club, R.I.P.” from the album PUNK ROCK CLUB

Artist: The Unlovables

Artist Location: Brooklyn, NY

Info: “The Unlovables are a band from New York City. They played pop punk back when it was really cool, and kept playing it when it became profoundly uncool, and are still playing it now that it’s relatively cool again. Current members: Hallie, Mikey, Frank, and Fid!”

The Punk Rock Club EP

“Punk Pock Club, R.I.P.”— the sixth track of  a six-track EP

Some Lyrics:

i guess we just thought that you’d always be around 
i guess we took you for granted 
since you’ve gone we don’t know what to do with ourselves 
we’re just bored and disenchanted 
i guess i just want to thank you for the good times 
every single drop of sweat and every bruise 
this town just won’t be the same without you around 
since you’ve gone the punks are all singing the blues 
why’d they close the punk rock club 

from The Punk Rock Club EP, released January 1, 2002 
Bass & vocals: Hallie Bullit 
Guitar: Christian Tattle Tale 
Drums: Jordan Lovelace

Price: $1 (USA) for track; $5 (USA) for album

If you are OK with paying for it, you can use PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD.

Genre: Pop Punk

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