Steve Zarate II Radio A Sessions (YouTube)

Only a few months after crowdsourcing the support to release his 2018 full-length, “Patchwork of Light,” (recorded and produced by WOUB’s own Rusty Smith) on CD, Steve Zarate played “Bloodstream,” “Speechless at the Sight,” and “Heralds of the Dawn” in WOUB’s Radio A.

Zarate is one of Athens’ great, eclectic local talents. His musical presence is ubiquitary, from organizing tribute shows spotlighting canonized songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Bruce Cockburn to regularly playing gigs around Athens county and beyond.

Zarate’s compositions on “Patchwork of Light” percolate with a sense of melancholy optimism that acknowledges the heft of the human condition while reaching with genuine hope for the potential of humankind — for the way we could be if only we really tried.


0:02 – “Bloodstream”

4:40 – ”Speechless at the Sight”

9:09 – “Heralds of the Dawn”

CREDITS Producers: Emily Votaw, Adam Rich, Josh Miller, Evan Shaw

Audio Engineer: Adam Rich V

ideographer: Josh Miller

Video editing: Evan Shaw and Josh Miller

Special thanks to Evan Shaw for use of his equipment.

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