Music Recommendation: Magic De Spell — “King Elisabeth”


Music: “King Elisabeth” from the album NIGHTMARE EP

Artist: Magic De Spell

Artist Location: Greece

Info: The record company is Geheimnis Records in Αθήνα, Greece.

“This album is consisting of the band’s first ever (and long sought-after) 7-inch EP called ‘Nightmare’, including the songs ‘Poor Johnny’s Lonely Blues’, ‘Sweating All Over’ and ‘Virgin Freedom”, 2 songs from the ‘Happening ’82’ compilation [‘End Of Nirvana’ and ‘C.B. (City Is Burning)’] and 6 previously unreleased songs from the 1981-82 season. All tracks were performed by the original first line-up: Alex Kyriakakis (vocals), George Scarlatos (bass), Theodore Vlahakis (drums) and George Alahouzos (guitar). With these songs they were established as a punk rock band (although their influences were not totally ‘punk’ and their sound is not what a ‘punk rocker’ would define as ‘punk’), successfully combining elements of the first generation British punk bands with the 70’s rock.” — Geheimnis Records

Price: €1 EURO (approximately $1.15 [USD]) for song; €7 EURO (approximately $8.05 [USD]) for eleven-track album

If you are OK with paying for it, you can use PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD.

Genre: Rock Instrumental

Magic De Spell NIGHTMARE EP on Bandcamp

Geheimnis Records on Bandcamp

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