Music Recommendation: The Pom Pom Girls — “Ow (Intro)”

Song: “Ow (Intro)” from the EP OW

Artist: The Pom Pom Girls

Mia Berrin – Vox, Guitar (head cheerleader)

Mari Alé Figeman – Bass (witch)

Shelby Keller – Drums (camp counselor)

Ethan Sass – Lead Guitar (token male)

Artist Location: New York, New York


“I love everything about this EP and everything about Mia Berrin — Love, Mom [Chantel Berrin]. Favorite track: ‘Again.’”

“Although I am biased, I can honestly say that this is one of the best albums of the year. I agree with what many others have said and what [many others] will say. That Pom Pom Squad is going to change the game. Love, Dad [Michael Berrin].”

Christopher Keach (a fan) commented, “Mia’s parents’ reviews are the only ones that matter. Favorite track: ‘Again.’”


Is it worth crying at night 
If it sets my soul on fire? 
Reaching restless like a little kid 
I wish you loved me like you said you 

He says he wants what’s best for me 
You say you want what’s best for me 
They all say that they want what’s best for me 
But they never try to be the best for me

Written by Mia Berrin 

Price: $1 (USD) for song; $7 (USD) for seven-song EP

Genre: Alternative

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