Music Recommendation: Crywank — “Unassimilated Normie”


Song: “Unassimilated Normie” from the album WEARING BEIGE ON A GREY DAY

Artist: Crywank

Artist Location: UK

Info: “Crywank are a UK-based anti-folk band. They formed in Manchester. James is from Barnsley, Dan is from Darwen. They mostly write sad songs and have been told they are the worst-named band in the country.

“Crywanks’ sixth album and third studio album ‘Wearing Beige On A Grey Day’ was recorded in January 2019 in Manchester. It is a collection of songs, some of which were never intended to be released.”

All songs written by Crywank 
Lyrics, Vocals & Melodies: James Clayton 
Percussion & Backing Vocals: Daniel Watson 
Recorded by Joe Clayton 

Price: 1 British Pound, aka £1, or approximately $1.35 (USA) for song. Price of 10-track album: Name Your Price (Includes FREE). Go figure.

Genre: Anti-Folk. Pop.

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