Music Recommendation: T-Rextasy — “The Zit Song”


Song: “The Zit Song” from the album PREHYSTERIA

Artist: T-Rextasy

Artist Location: New York, New York

Info: “T-Rextasy is Lyris Faron on vocals, Annie Fidoten on bass, Ebun Nazon-Power on drums and Vera Kahn on guitar.”

All of them are Dashing Dino Dames.

Some Lyrics:

“Sometimes high school’s so hard, kids can be a drag 
“When your best friend is a pimple who makes everybody gag 
“Introduced him to my classmates, thought he’d be a hit 
“Tammy says ‘I’d rather die than make friends with your zit,’ 
“Hey girl, you gotta get rid of that thing”

Price: $1 (USA) for song. Price of 10-track album: $10 (USA).

Genre: Pop Punk

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