Music Recommendation: Mary Wander — “I Feel Like a Woman”


Song: “I Feel Like a Woman” on the album SPLIT PEAS

Artist: Mary Wander (the other music-makers on this split album are Local News Legend and Apes of the State)

Artist Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Info: Local News Legend are a “Folk punk lady-type trio from central PA strumming and humming some tunes!”

“All my pals came together to write this absolutely BOP of an album!”

“Enjoy these soothing summer bops, with the sounds of Local News Legend, Apes Of The State, and Mary Wander blasting through your ears! My mom burned all these CDs!”

“The previous quote is deliciously ambiguous. Did the mom burn them so they could sell them, or did she burn them because she hated them?” — Bruce

“No CD needed. You can download the song or album” — Bruce

“The strength of the album is the lyrics” — Bruce

“I Feel Like a Woman” is a cappella.

The bands Local News Legend and Apes Of The State share two members.

The album is nine tracks, including a seven-second intro with profanity.

Price: Name your own price (Includes FREE)

Genre: Folk Punk, Feminist



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