Music Recommendation: Atomic Swindler — “Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song”


Song: “Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song” from the album COMING OUT ELECTRIC

Artist: Atomic Swindler

Artist Location: Rochester, New York

Info: This is Atomic Swindlers’ debut album.

“Otherworldliness is something which has got lost in the JLo video vacuum, where life is an endless procession of choreographed pretty vacuity and bragging about the amassing of consumer durables. Step up, then, the sublimely named Atomic Swindlers who are ready to catapult you into another world far, far away from the soulless confines of corporate pop. “ — Chris Mitchell, SPIKED

“It’s easy to talk about Atomic Swindlers in the contexts of their image or sexuality, but what many overlook is the songwriting and musicianship. Though Atomic Swindlers have planted themselves firmly in the aesthetics of glam, Coming Out Electric is more than the glitter and androgyny. Without the songs, androgyny is a gimmick, glitter is passé. Atomic Swindlers have the songs.” — Dave Brecheisen, POPMATTERS

Price: $5 for 12-track album; the price for the song is Name Your Price (Includes FREE)

Genre: Pop, Alternative

Atomic Swindlers on Bandcamp



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