Music Recommendation: The Stunned Mullets — “Short Rope”


Song: “Short Rope” from the album THE STUNNED MULLETS

Artist: The Stunned Mullets

Artist Location: Australia

Info: “This is The Stunned Mullets’ first release, an EP of six original songs. All Aussie Retro Rock harking back to the 1970’s and 1980’s. Driving guitars and pumping bass reminiscent of the good old days of Australian Pub Rock.”

Released January 4, 2018.

Warren ‘Big W’ Walker on Bass 

Shane Dixon on Guitars and Vocals 

Production by Headbits Music 

All homegrown in Northern NSW, Australia

Price: $1 (AUS) for song; $1 (AUS) for six-song album)

Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Aussie Rock

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