Music Recommendation: Adam Dunetz — “Long Distance Runner”


Song: “Long Distance Runner” from the album THE BACKUP PLAN

Artist: Adam Dunetz

Artist Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

Info: “The Backup Plan tells the (mostly) fictional story about how the places we find ourselves are not always the places we expected to be.”

If you’ve been holding off on buying music on Bandcamp, listen to a few songs on this album — or listen to the entire album — and send Adam Dunetz a dollar. He’s an excellent singer-songwriter who obviously isn’t in it for the money.

Price: $1 (USD) for excellent 11-song album. You can’t pay more for the album, but if you want to send him more money, the price of individual songs is $1 (USD) or more — you can pay $2 (USD) if you want to.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Adam Dunetz on Bandcamp


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