Music Recommendation: Roger Kunkel — “Old Man Longbeans”


Song: “Old Man Longbeans”

Artist: Roger Kunkel

Artist Location: Davis, California

Info: “GUITAR SOLO is Roger’s first solo release and sees him refocusing on 
original instrumental compositions. It is a sparse and bare-boned 
collection of melodic themes and engaging chord progressions.” 

“My intent with this recording is to present myself and the guitar as 
plainly and as directly as possible. The sound of the acoustic guitar 
has enthralled me since I was five years old and every day, when I sit 
down and play, it reminds me of why I became a musician in the first 
place. This recording is very intimate and has its imperfections just 
as I do, and that may be the most perfect recording to make.” — Roger Kunkel

Price: $8 (USD) for 10-track album

Genre: Guitar Instrumentals

Roger Kunkel on Bandcamp


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