Music Recommendation: Denso Crisal — “Richards Blues”


Song: “Richards Blues” on album VOLUMEN 1 (2018)

Artist: Denso Crisal [Dense Crucible]

Artist Location: Argentina

Info: Fuzzy Cracklins, a fan, wrote, “Me gusta! Especially the Spanish vocals over the psychy, bluesy tracks. Favorite track: Floresta (todavía resuenan).”

Denso Crisol es: 
Leonel Calo, Guitarra y Voz 
Nicolás Granado, Bajo y Voz 
Matías Lombardo, Batería y Voz 

Price: Name Your Own Price (Includes FREE); Must buy album as songs cannot be purchased separately

Genre: Blues-Rock Instrumental; album includes Spanish-language songs

Denso Crisal on Bandcamp

VOLUMEN 1 (2018)

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