Music Recommendation: Steven Swinford — “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 2nd movement”


Song: “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 2nd movement” from the album THE CLASSICAL COLLECTION

Artist: Steven Swinford

Artist Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Info: “A collection of classical songs arranged and performed on guitar.”

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” is by Mozart.

Price: $10 (USD) for 10-track album; $1 for track.

Genre: Classical Music Arranged for Guitar.

Steven Swinford on Bandcamp


David Bruce: Resist Psychic Death — Authors, Children


• Judy Blume has written a number of books about the lovable boy called Fudge, who is based on her son Larry when he was young. Judy and a grown-up Larry once ate dinner with a little boy whose father read to him from the Fudge books each night. The little boy’s father said to the little boy, “Do you know who this is? This is Judy Blume, who writes the Fudge books.” The little boy’s jaw dropped. Judy then said about Larry, “And guess who this is?” Larry said, “I was Fudge.” The little boy’s jaw dropped further.

• World-famous make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin wrote three books. In his book Making Faces, he used his mother, Thelma, and his sisters, Carla and Kim, as models. After the book was published, people approached Thelma, Carla, and Kim and asked them for autographs. The book became a bestseller, and Kevyn was amused: “I’m a high school dropout with a New York Times bestseller, so the irony of that is hilarious.


• In January 2011, Cynthia Mello’s water broke in Hartford, Connecticut. The weather was very bad and very snowy, but she needed to get to the hospital to give birth. She said, “I didn’t think we were going to make it to the hospital on time. I told my husband to start shoveling the driveway. He came back in minutes later and told me there was too much snow.” Her husband called 911, but of course the snow was a problem for the ambulance as well as for regular automobiles. What to do? Some people are problem-solvers, and this problem was solved. The ambulance made it to their home, and so did a snowplow. Mrs. Mello said, “The ambulance driver told me he had such a hard time getting to us. We live up on a hill, and they had a plow with them leading the way. The driver led us all the way to the hospital.” They made it to the hospital, but the trip took two hours instead of the usual 20 minutes. Mrs. Mello said, “We were on I-84, and there were four tractor-trailers that had jackknifed. We had to turn around and take back roads to the hospital.” Without the snowplow, they never would have made it. Pat McDonald, a nurse, said, “She called the ambulance because her water broke, and the next thing we know we have a snowplow leading her in the ambulance so she can have her baby on time.” Baby Jack was born in the hospital, and he was immediately given a nickname: Jack Frost. (In a comment on this story, Bedford Brown wrote about a similar incident. At 2:30 a.m. on 27 January 2011, her son, Danny Brown, who lives in Danbury, Connecticut, called 911 because his wife, Stacey, was having labor pains. Mr. and Mrs. Brown received lots of help. An ambulance arrived, along with the Danbury Fire and Police departments, and fourcity snowplows to clear the way to the hospital, where a baby girl, Cameron Noelle Brown, was born at 5:42 a.m. Mother, daughter, and father are all doing well.)

• As a famous comedian who performed in nightclubs, Danny Thomas traveled a lot. Often, his family would visit him for long weekends, staying in suites provided by the nightclub — Danny was a headliner. During one weekend visit, Danny was eager to be with his wife, but Tony, their son, developed a cold, and his wife insisted on sleeping in one of the twin beds in Tony’s bedroom so that she could keep an eye on him. This went on for a couple of nights, with Danny becoming more and more frustrated. The morning of the third day, Tony was playing with a bucket of sand and a shovel, and he suddenly threw the bucket off the terrace, and the bucket dropped 12 stories to the ground. This frightened Danny, who told Tony, “Bad boy! Don’t you know you could have hurt somebody by throwing that bucket off the terrace? Now go to your room and be quiet until I tell you to come out!” Tony started for his room, and then he turned around and said to his father, “Just for that, tonight she sleeps with me.” Danny laughed and gave Tony a kiss. Tony’s sister Marlo says about her brother, “Four years old and the kid’s timing was impeccable.”


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