Music Recommendation: Los Ramones — “La Emigre Took My Baby Away”


Song: “La Emigre Took My Baby Away” from the album  ¡OYE VAMOS! [HEY COME ON!]

Artist: Los Ramones

Artist Location: Richmond, Virginia

Info: “Your favorite songs of Los Ramones in Spanglish!”

Hilltop, a fan, wrote this: “Mexicans singing and playing the power cords of the Ramones? What’s not to like! Johnny Ramone would be proud of the dude playing the Hallmark lead guitar. Favorite track: La Cocina Mexicana [Mexican Cuisine].”

“La Cocina Mexicana” [“Mexican Cuisine”] is otherwise known as “Commando.”

Price: Name Your Own Price (Includes FREE) for 11-track album

Genre: Mexicali versions of Ramones songs

Bruce’s Recommendations EBook

Bruce’s Recommendations: Vol 1


LOS RAMONES on Bandcamp

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