Music Recommendation: Pop Punk High — “He’s Growing Up”



Artist: Pop Punk High

Artist Location: New York, New York

Info: “This is the Original Soundtrack for Pop Punk High — the World’s First Pop Punk Musical! Written by Anderson Cook and Ben Lapidus.”

Music and Lyrics by Ben Lapidus © 
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lapidus Audio LLC © 
Instrumentation by Ben Lapidus 

Price: $1 (USD) for song; $7 (USD) for seven-track album (15 minutes total)

Genre: Pop Punk. Pop Music with Punk Lyrics. Often Satiric.


Pop Punk High School

David Bruce: Resist Psychic Death — Good Deeds

Good Deeds

• In 1950, the grandparents of Matt L’Italien got married. They were DavidRosenthal, a psychologist, and Marcia Kensinger Rosenthal, a nurse. Mr. L’Italien said, “My grandfather was Jewish and she was not, so it made things pretty difficult for them to get together.” Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal were in love, and theywrote two love songs together. They were married for 46 years before Mr. Rosenthal died of Alzheimer’s in 1996. Mrs. Rosenthal died of the same disease a few years later. Matt’s aunt, Amy Rosenthal, discovered an old love letter between the couple. She also discovered the piano sheet music and lyrics of the two love songs the two had written together: “In and Out of Love” and “I’ll Never Regret (Loving You).” Unfortunately, no one in the family had the musical skills needed to play the music, so Matt posted the sheet music and lyrics, as well as a plea for help, at the Reddit online community. Matt said, “Reddit really is a place of benevolence. They actively want to help their fellow man.”He wrote online,“My family recently found two songs on sheet music written by my late grandparents. Would anyone like to play them for us, so that we may hear them?” Quickly, he received several responses. Some people posted instrumental versions of the two songs, other people sang the two songs without accompaniment, and other people posted versions of the songs with both vocals and accompaniment.Matt, who never knew his grandfather, said about his grandmother,“I’m really happy that I can look back at this music she produced and really bring back that element of character and wit and brilliance that she had.”He added,“My aunt who had the sheet music, it’s her birthday, and she said it was the best birthday she could ever imagine.”

• Henry Rollins journeyed to Southern Sudan in late 2010. About visiting Africa, he writes, “Time spent there forces me to deal with myself on a level that is so in-your-face as it were, that I am always humbled. Anything I have ever strived for seems to be dwarfed by the efforts of people I encounter there in a seemingly endless succession.” One example occurred on a bad road when he saw a woman carrying a large, heavy bag of cotton on her back while pushing a bicycle that had a flat tire as a result of an accident. Henry and the people he was with stopped the truck they were in to try to help her. Two of her toes were injured — badly. Mr. Rollins writes, “One of them looked almost cut off behind the cuticle and downward in a very ugly wound. The other toe had lost a fair chunk of flesh at its tip.” They treated her with a first-aid kit and with Neosporin and gave her a pair of socks that she could wear over the bandages. Mr. Rollins also gave her the tube of Neosporin and told her to apply it to her wounds every day. They also took her and her bag of cotton and her bike to her destination, which was a long way away. They also learned that she would make that journey several times that day. Mr. Rollins says, “Just another day and another life in Africa. You see this kind of thing everywhere you look. When I am in Africa, I realize I don’t know much, have not seen much and there’s a lot to be done.”


Copyright by Bruce D. Bruce; All Rights Reserved


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