Music Recommendation: Amner Hunter — “Sweet Victory – Guitar Cover (Instrumental)”


Song: “Sweet Victory – Guitar Cover (Instrumental)”

Artist: Amner Hunter

Artist Location: Hermosillo, Mexico

Info: Rock/Metal Guitarist | Passionate Musician | Music Producer.

“This is my instrumental version of this song that is kinda like an anthem for the Super Bowl event every year. The original song is from David Glen Eisley and Bob Kulick — go check it out, it’s awesome.”

My video for this song:

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Amner Hunter at Amner Hunter Studios in January 2020. 

Price: $1 (USD) for song. Includes separate backing track.

Genre: Rock Instrumental


Amner Hunter on Bandcamp


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David Bruce: Resist Psychic Death — Mishaps


• When Jon Scieszka, who would later be an author of books for young people, was a kid, he and his older brother Jim often got in trouble. For example, their mother told them not to wrestle in the living room because they would break something. Ignoring her warning, they wrestled in the living room, and they broke the front two legs of the couch. Jon was plenty worried about what would happen when their mother found out, but Jim said, “Don’t worry. I know exactly what to say.” Their mother found out, and she asked them, “What happened to the couch?” Jim replied, “Jon did it.” Jim and Jon shared a bedroom in the basement, which sometimes got cold, so they sometimes used an electric heater. One day they got the idea that they could put out the electric heater the same way that they put out campfires — by peeing on it. The air filled with a nasty odor of fried urine, and they unplugged the heater and opened the windows wide on a freezing day. Jon says, “And whenever our mom asked us about the heater, we said we didn’t really need it anymore.”

• As a student at the School of American Ballet, Merrill Ashley was able to buy at a low price toe shoes that had been rejected by members of the New York City Ballet. She purchased a pair of toe shoes that had been rejected by Allegra Kent, who had small, narrow feet like Merrill’s. She got them ready for a performance at a workshop, tying ribbons to them, and then put them away. Unfortunately, at the time of the performance, she discovered that the shoes were too small — her feet had either grown bigger or had swollen from the hours of lessons and rehearsals. Since they were the only toe shoes she had ready, she crammed them on her feet and danced — earning herself many, many blisters. Still, the pain was worthwhile because dance critic Clive Barnes singled her out for praise in The New York Times, writing, “And one dancer with promise was Linda Merrill.” (This was before she changed her name to Merrill Ashley.)

• Pope John Paul II, nee Karol Wojtyla, was active in outdoor sports as a young man. When he was a Cardinal, he skied too near the Czechoslovakian border, and a military patrol stopped him. Cardinal Wojtyla showed him his papers, but the Communist soldier told him he was in big trouble: “Do you realize, you moron, whose personal papers you have stolen? This trick will put you inside [prison] for a long time.” Cardinal Wojtyla spent a long time persuading the soldier that the papers were authentic because the soldier kept telling him, “A skiing Cardinal? Do you think I’m nuts?”

• At one time, pulpits were custom built to suit the height of the local preacher. This could lead to problems when guest preachers stood up to preach. Foy E. Wallace, Jr., was a short guest preacher at a Church of Christ, but the regular preacher, Rube Porter, was over six feet tall. When preacher Wallace stood in back of the podium, no one could see him, so he said, “If you don’t see me anymore, remember that ‘faith comes by hearing,’ Romans 10:17.”


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Open Mic Night at Ohio University’s Front Room (7 February 2020)


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Camille Karavas (Above)


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Dan Canterbury and Bruce Dalzell, singer-songwriters (Above)

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David Bruce (Above): “I want to tell all of you to be careful when you go home tonight. It’s dark out, lots of you are wearing dark clothing, and some of you jaywalk. As a driver, I can say that sometimes it’s hard to see you. I myself have almost hit three students. Three! That’s one too many.”

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