Music Recommendation: Rusty Smith — “Give Me My Flowers While I’m Living”


Music: “Give Me My Flowers While I’m Living” from the album RUSTY SMITH AND FRIENDS

Artist: Rusty Smith

Artist Location: Athens, Ohio

Info: Released August 1, 2013 

Rusty Smith: guitar, fiddle, vocals, piano 
Zeke Hutchison: mandolin (lead vocal on 5) 
Terry Douds: bass 
Todd Sams: banjo 10, 13 
Hilarie Burhans: banjo 15 
John Borchard: dobro 8, 13 
Jorma Kaukonen: guitar 11 
Mark Hellenberg: percussion 11 
Ali Smith: clarinet 9, 16 
Bruce Dalzell: vocals 2 
Gay Dalzell: vocals 2 
Buck McCumbers: vocals 10, 13 
Mimi Hart: vocals 1, 8

Note: the numbers refer to tracks on the 16-track album.

“Great album. Lots of Rusty’s friends are long-time Athens, Ohio, well-respected music-makers. Jorma Kaukonen, who lives now in nearby Meigs County, played for Jefferson Airplane.” — Bruce

Price: $0.50 for track (50 cents — WHAT A BARGAIN!); $7 (USD) for 16-track album.

Genre: Americana. Folk. Bluegrass.



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