Music Recommendation: Gasoliners — “La Danza De Los Mirios”


Music: “La Danza De Los Mirios” from the album JUNGLE SURFERS

Artist: Gasoliners

Artist Location: The music publisher, Reverb Brasil, is located in Brazil.

Info: “The new album features 12 seductive themes that continue to narrate the wild journey of this group of sound explorers — six originals and six reinterpretations of rarities from the Americas and Africa (LINK WRAY, AUGUSTUS PABLO, BLAKE ALPHONSO HIGGS, LOS MIRLOS, OS YOUNG PEOPLE and a traditional one). Among the musicians involved are ALEXANDRE KANASHIRO (guitar, calimba, scaleta), SAICO PADOVANO (percussion and vocals), RICARDO GRANATA and FABIO BARBOSA (drums), JULIANO CAMARGO, CARLOS RODRIGUES and SERGIO SONNY (bass), BENEDITO RAPÉ and ALEXANDRE SABIÁ (percussion), NELSON RUBBO (Hawaiian guitar), LEONARDO GIMENES (baroque viola) and CRISTIANO RATTI (keyboards). In addition, the launch is produced by ALEXANDRE KANASHIRO and SAICO PADOVANO, has recording and audio engineering by FLAVIO TSUTSUMI (ATIBAIA), LUIS TISSOT (CAFFEINE SOUND STUDIO) and JONAS MORBACH and, in its first press (promotional) , received support from the REVERB BRASIL label, from the bars MANDÍBULA and ALBERTA # 3, and from the artist SAICO PADOVANO. The cover photo is by FERNANDO PASTORELLI (model: ANNA BEATRICE DI BENEDETTO make-up: BIANCA DRACURELLA).” — from Google Translate

Price: $1 (USD) for the track; $5 (USA) for 12-track album

Genre: Exotica, Surf, Brazilian




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