Music Recommendation: Little Beaver — “Concrete Jungle”


Music: “Concrete Jungle” from the album HENRY STONE’S MIAMI SOUL — THE RECORD MAN’S FINEST 45s

Artist: Little Beaver

Artist Location:

Info: This is a collection of 20 tracks by various artists whom Henry Stone recorded.

“Henry Stone was the ultimate Record Man. 

“When Henry held a new release in his hand from one of his recording artists or a new record he distributed, you were going to hear about it. If you were in Henry’s path, no matter if you were in the music business, a cab driver, or the waiter in a restaurant, Henry was going to tell you about the latest and greatest record he had. 

“The thing was when he did it, it never sounded like bragging; he just wanted the world to know about his next hit, and we are all very lucky he was behind some of the greatest music ever recorded. 

“Henry and I were talking about promotion one day during what would be the last few months of his amazing life. We were getting into a conversation about how the industry had changed. Music distribution had changed, manufacturing of recorded music had changed. Reaching the music-buying customer, changed. Then we got to promotion and that one music industry word we all love — ‘Hype’. Henry Stone looked at me, paused, and said, ‘Well, that’s the one thing in our business that will never change — Hype.’” 

— Joe Stone (Henry Stone’s Son)  

Price: 1 for track; £9 for 20-track album

Genre: Miami Soul



AOTH (Athens of the North) Music Company in Edinburgh, Scotland

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