Music Recommendation: Les Baxter and His Orchestra — “Brazilia”


Music: “Brazilia” from the album Les Baxter’s JUNGLE JAZZ

Artist: Les Baxter and His Orchestra

Artist Location: Les Baxter’s life dates are 1922-1996. 

Info: “Les Baxter (1922-1996) used to be an utterly talented composer and bandleader who was on the go to the max during his active years. His version and as I should say vision of jazz music was a contemporary fresh and colorful sound with an exotic vibe due to the use of many elements of Latin music within a modernized big band sound. We speak of the exotica and space-age era when jazz music became more than just a few musicians on stage in a back-street pub sweating their life out while improvising. He draws inspiration from the various swing orchestras of the late 1920s and combines this lush big band approach with a hot South American groove that shows an affinity for Cuban club music, for mambo and salsa. With rhythmical effects and a few wordless female vocal passages added, he builds this haunting jungle atmosphere on top while leaving out the too obvious animal voices. The Latin jazz and swing elements harmonize fairly well with each other and the melodies Les Baxter and his orchestra create drag you into a different world.”

Captain High Records, music publisher of this album, is located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Price: €7 for 16-track album; individual tracks cannot be purchased separately

Genre: Latin



Captain High Records

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