Music Recommendation: Jeffrey Detrick — “Not Guilty”


Music: “Not Guilty” from the two-song single UNSUNG BEATLES

Artist: Jeffrey Detrick

Artist Location: San Diego, California

Record Company:

Info: “Jeffrey is a pop, rock and R&B vocalist and songwriter based in Southern California. 

“Jeffrey is a nationally recognized Creative Director and advertising agency owner with national writing and vocal credits on hundreds of jingles, and commercials for Radio and Television. He has been recognized with 17 International Broadcast Awards, a multitude of songwriter contests and a Clio.”

“A two-song single of two lesser-known solo Beatle songs performed by singer-songwriter Jeffrey Detrick, background vocals by Jennifer Lee.

“‘Not Guilty’ was written by George Harrison, 1968, and is an outtake from the Beatles WHITE ALBUM period. It was later released on THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY III, George also recorded his own version on his self-titled GEORGE HARRISON album in 1978. 

“‘Pure Gold’ was written by Paul McCartney for Ringo Starr’s Rotogravure album, 1976. 

Price: $1 for track; Name Your Price (Includes FREE) for two-song album

Genre: Pop


Jeffrey Detrick on Bandcamp


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